EKBET Terms and Conditions 

1. General

1.1. The agreement between the Player (hence referred to as the “User”) and EKBET is governed by these Terms and Conditions.

1.2. The User acknowledges and agrees that by accessing or using any page of our website, ekbet com, or any other websites owned by EKBET, via TV, computer, mobile devices, or any other communication medium to access the gaming services, including downloadable applications (the “Website”), and/or registering on the website, they are agreeing to be bound by these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to “T&C”).

1.3. Before selecting the “ACCEPT” button, the User must carefully read these T&C. The User may not use or continue to use the Website if they disagree with any part of these T&C.

1.4. As soon as the User clicks the “ACCEPT” button, these T&C are in effect. By selecting “ACCEPT,” the User confirms that he has read, comprehended, and agrees to be bound by the terms of the contract between the User and EKBET.

1.5. The T&C between the User and EKBET are subject to change at any time, and EKBET reserves the right to do so. Any time the T&C are changed, EKBET will make all practical steps to notify the Users. The User should stop using the services and close their account if they object to any changes made. It will be assumed that the User has accepted the changes if they continue to use the website after the changes go into effect.

1.6. The Costa Rican Gaming Authority oversees EKBET.

1.7. A contract and legally binding agreement between the User and EKBET is created by these T&C.

1.8. The game-specific terms and conditions shall take precedence over these Terms and Conditions in the event of any inconsistency. If any part of the game-specific terms and conditions is not addressed but is covered by these Terms and Conditions, it will be assumed that it applies to the player’s dealings with EKBET.

1.9. The User acknowledges that he or she is fully aware of and accepts the T&C as it may be modified from time to time.

1.10. As soon as they are uploaded on www.ekbet.com, these adjustments take effect immediately. It is solely the User’s obligation to review the T&C and the specific Rules for each Game they choose to play in order to be informed of any updates each time they do so. By checking the Version number and the date of the most recent T&S listed on this page, the User can quickly determine whether these T&C have changed. Without limiting the aforementioned, the company shall, nonetheless, notify the User in advance of any material modification to the terms and conditions, and in such a situation, the User shall get a summary of the change made.

1.11. These T&C are incorporated by reference into different links on the website that give rules and explanations for taking part in any of EKBET’s Games, maintaining the user account with EKBET, privacy policies, and other relevant information.

1.12. Without limiting the above sentence, any reference in this agreement to “EKBET’S Games” shall include “Casino,” “Rush Poker,” and any other games that may from time to time be made accessible on the Website. EKBET reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to add and delete Games from the Website.

1.13. For the benefit of Users’ convenience and information, these T&C are available in a variety of languages. The relationship between the User and EKBET is only legally based on the English version of these T&C, and in the event of a conflict between the English version and any non-English version, the English version shall take precedence.

1.14. For whatever reason, if the User opens or attempts to open more than one account, EKBET reserves the right to block or close any or all of the User’s accounts. The User’s remaining deposits, if any, will be transferred to the User’s first EKBET account, should EKBET permit the User to retain more than one account. For each account the User opens, EKBET will collect an administrative fee of 10% of the wallet balance or USD 30 (Thirty US Dollars), whichever is greater at the time of the transfer, in addition to any additional deductions that may be necessary in accordance with EKBET’S T&C.

1.15. Siamese CDs Inc., with a registered location at Grand Andaman Hotel and Casino, Thahtay Khyun Island, Myanmar, is the owner of this website.

2. Member User Account

2.1. Opening the User Member Account and registering:

2.1.1. The applicant must be 18 years of age in order to open an account with EKBET (“Member Account”) and deposit funds into the Member Account in the manner described on the following page in order to take part in any of EKBET’S Games for real money. page: register.

2.1.2. The opening of an account with EKBET is not permitted for citizens of the United States, Singapore, the Philippines, or Hong Kong. Any player accounts from these nations will be instantly and indefinitely suspended by EKBET, which routinely checks its registrations for irregularities.

It is the User’s obligation to ascertain whether online gambling is allowed in their country of residence and take appropriate action. The fact that the EKBET Website is accessible in a specific jurisdiction does not imply an invitation or offer from EKBET to utilize the services provided by the EKBET Website. When players take any activities that are against the law, this article of the Terms and Conditions, or both, EKBET will not be held responsible in any way.

2.1.3. EKBET retains the right to choose Payment Solution Providers to act, collect, and/or disburse money on its behalf.

2.1.4. As stated on our gaming license, users are not permitted to gamble, wager, or place bets within the Myanmar Territory.

2.1.5. On this website, the User is only permitted to have one Member Account. Each account the user tried to open could be blocked or closed if they made more than one attempt.

2.1.6. The User must tell EKBET right away if he discovers he has multiple Member Accounts with different names.

2.1.7. The registration form must be filled out in full and submitted online to EKBET in order to request the opening of a Member Account. EKBET has the discretion to decline requests to open Member Accounts.

2.1.8. When registering, all information provided MUST BE correct. The User must fill out the registration form with all required information, which includes their name, address, phone number, and valid email address. They must also provide any necessary payment information, all of which must be accurate and true. The User is solely responsible for ensuring that the data they give is accurate, complete, and genuine. Users are being informed that EKBET conducts verification processes, either internally or through outside parties, on Users’ money deposits. To confirm his identification, the User can be asked to submit other paperwork, like a copy of his passport. If the User fails to supply the requested information or documents or if it is discovered that the information or documents the User supplies are false or deceptive, the User’s Member Account may be suspended or terminated.

2.1.9. The User must select a username and password as part of the registration process in order to access the Website. The User is solely and completely responsible for maintaining the security of their login information. The User must keep his login information private. EKBET disclaims all liability for any abuse or exploitation of the User’s Member Account by third parties as a result of the User’s revelation of his login information to any third party, whether it was done knowingly or unknowingly, actively or passively.

2.1.0. The User is not permitted to send money to other Users from their Member Accounts or accept money from other Users into their Member Accounts.

2.1.11. Selling, transferring, and/or buying other Users’ accounts is never permitted.

2.2. Payments made to the user’s member account

2.2.1. Only after the User’s Member Account is sufficiently funded can the User take part in any Game. The User never receives any kind of credit from ekbet for taking part in any game.

2.2.2. The “My Account” and “Deposit” areas of the website contain all the information needed to deposit money into the User’s Member Account. Any of the techniques listed on these pages, as they may be updated from time to time, are available to the User. Please be aware that not all nations may support all of the ways.

2.2.3. Deposits can be subject to fees, depending on the method chosen. See “My Account” and “Deposits” for information on current deposit costs for each deposit type. Bank wire transfers and other payment methods may incur independent fees from the User’s bank.

2.2.4. A number of different currencies are accepted by EKBET. The currency of the User’s Member Account must be selected by the User. Payments made to EKBET in a currency other than the one selected by the User will be converted at the current exchange rate into the currency of the User’s choice. The User is responsible for paying any exchange premiums.

2.2.5. The User’s funds are credited when EKBET receives an approval and authorization code from the card’s issuing bank while using a credit or debit card to deposit money. If EKBET does not obtain this approval and authorisation code, the payments will not be credited to the User’s account.

2.2.6. When making deposits into a user’s member account, EKBET reserves the right to employ extra processes and tools to confirm the user’s identification.

2.2.7. No credit is given by EKBET for the use of its services.

2.2.8. Interest will not be paid on credit balances in the user’s member account.

2.3. Account Management

2.3.1 EKBET manages the User’s Member Account, calculating the Reserved Amount, which represents the User’s potential exposure at any time, and periodically calculating the User’s “Available to Bet” balance. EKBET also settles bets made by the User with other Users through the User’s participation in the Games.

2.3.2 The User’s “Available to Bet” balance, which determines the User’s betting limit, is the sum of money in the Member Account that has not yet been wagered on a matched bet.

2.3.3 In the absence of any obvious error, EKBET’s calculations of the User’s “Reserved Amount,” “Available to Bet” balance, and sums owed by the User under the provisions of this agreement will be conclusive and not be the subject of any inquiry or investigation.

2.3.4 Any losses may be offset against any gains by EKBET.

2.3.5 Until the User submits a bid for a bet or accepts a bet on the Website, all deposits made by the User into the User’s Member Account will be retained for the User’s use. In order to wait for the result of the Bet, EKBET holds the money wagered.

2.3.6 After the User places a wager on EKBET’s website, EKBET will keep the wager amount until the Game’s conclusion before announcing a winner. At this point, neither the bet nor any stakes held by ekbet as a stakeholder may be withdrawn; the bet is now final and cannot be changed.

2.4. Payouts

2.4.1. All profits will be retained for the benefit of the User’s Member Account until the outcome of a Game in which the User participates is determined or until EKBET has confirmed the relevant outcome of an event and settled the markets.

2.4.2. The amount will remain EKBET’s property and be removed from the User’s Member Account if EKBET inadvertently credits the User’s Member Account with winnings that do not belong to the User, whether as a result of a technical, human, or other error. Without limiting any other legal remedies or actions that may be available, the wrongly paid sum shall be considered a debt owed by the User to EKBET if he withdrew the cash before EKBET became aware of the error. The User is required to email EKBET right away to report any improper crediting.

2.4.3. Any reward over the equivalent of USD 2,500 will be subject to additional verification by EKBET. However, EKBET reserves the right to carry out any such verification processes in the event that the User receives a smaller payout.

2.5. Withdrawals from a User’s Member Account 

2.5.1. By posting a valid notice of withdrawal on the Website, the User may withdraw any amount up to the “Available to Bet” balance in the User’s Member Account.

2.5.2. The User must first cancel any stakes he may have made that may still be pending in order to release all of the monies in his Member Account.

2.5.3. Withdrawal notices must be submitted through the website. Demands for withdrawal made over the phone or via email will not be honored by EKBET. EKBET employees are not allowed to disobey these orders.

2.5.4. For the User’s protection, the User may withdraw no more than USD 5,000 in any twenty-four-hour period unless a higher amount has been agreed upon in advance by arrangement.

2.5.5. EKBET provides a variety of withdrawal options. Depending on the method used, withdrawals may be subject to fees. Any profits over the sum specified in 2.5.4 may be withdrawn using the same method used for deposits by the User. You can access information about the current withdrawal costs by going to “My Account” and selecting “Withdrawals.” Additionally, the User’s own bank could tack on an additional handling fee. These fees could change over time.

2.5.6. EKBET reserves the right to credit the User’s account using the same procedure as for initial deposits.

2.5.7. For any withdrawals, EKBET reserves the right to demand identification papers.

2.5.8. EKBET maintains the right to pay out winnings over USD100,000 progressively over ten consecutive months, with one payout every calendar month, if a withdrawal request is made.

2.5.9. Before processing withdrawals, the User’s play will be examined for any irregular or unusual playing patterns, including but not limited to equal, zero, or low margin bets or hedge betting for play-through requirement purposes, in the interests of fair gaming. If EKBET determines that there has been improper game play, EKBET reserves the right to refuse any withdrawals and/or seize all earnings and bonuses.

2.5.10. Users must wager once on Cash deposits and earnings before requesting a withdrawal. In the event that User elects to do so, User may only withdraw the amount that he deposited, which may or may not have resulted in a bonus award, provided that the entire bonus amount is either kept on account or may be withdrawn by EKBET. For instance: EKBET offers a USD 20 deposit bonus when a user deposits USD 20. The user’s account now has USD 40. Users may choose to withdraw their deposited funds prior to satisfying the wagering requirements, which are often 40 times the bonus amount (USD 20). The bonus and any subsequent profits or losses will be retracted by EKBET before the withdrawal request may be authorized. If the user has already wagered some of the account’s total balance, the remaining balance can only be requested for withdrawal when the bonus amount has been paid back to EKBET. For reasons such as, but not limited to, abuse by the User, EKBET reserves the right to reject or cancel any bonus granted to any User.

2.5.11. A recent energy bill in the user’s name, dated no more than three months ago, and a copy of the user’s valid passport or official identity card (confirming identity and age) are requirements for the processing of withdrawals. For credit card deposits, the user might be asked to provide a copy of the front and back of the used credit card, with the CVV number hidden on the back and only the first six and last four numbers visible on the front.

2.5.12. EKBET further reserves the right to ask any account holder who requests a withdrawal of any amount less than USD 2,500 for the documentation mentioned in 2.5.11 above.

2.5.13. Visa, Visa Electron, and Mastercard do not allow withdrawals to credit or debit cards.

2.5.14. EKBET will only transfer funds to the same account that made the initial payment into the User’s account, in accordance with any applicable legislation.

2.5.15. The minimum payout is USD 10. 

2.6 Member Account Closure

2.6.1. The User may close his account at any time, and EKBET will return all cash in the User’s Member Account, less any applicable withdrawal fees, to the User. The User must first cancel any bids for stakes they have made that are still pending in order to deactivate their Member Account.

2.6.2. The mode of repayment will be entirely up to EKBET.

2.6.3/ EKBET reserves the right, in its sole discretion, and without any requirement to provide a cause or prior notice, to close the User’s Member Account and to return to the User any remaining “Available to Bet” balance after deducting any applicable withdrawal fees.

2.6.4. All balances may be deleted from the User’s account once notice has been provided to the registered email address if the User fails to access his Member Account online for a period of one (1) year using his “User Name” and “Password”

2.6.5. If a bonus given to a user is not used within six months of the date it was given, EKBET maintains the right to withhold and withdraw it.

2.6.6. EKBET reserves the right to refuse withdrawals, remove bonus money, and remove winnings without prior notice if a User uses bonus funds to play on Games that are not included in Games that count toward fulfilling the bonus requirement. All accounts of players discovered to be abusing this rule may be locked by EKBET.