User Agreement

Users of the EKBET platform who have agreed to the terms and conditions are ready to comply with the relevant regulations and support the corresponding characteristics and methods of the company. In return, customers receive the full right to use all the gambling software presented on the official EKBET website.


The physical office of the EKBET gambling platform is located in the Philippines in the Trade and Financial Tower (9th floor, BGC).

Terms and conditions of work

The gambling company EKBET reserves the right to change the current terms and conditions and establish new ones. In addition, the gambling platform will quickly inform the audience about relevant changes in information and conditions. We will publish updated data on the company’s official website. Once published, they will come into effect immediately. Customers, in turn, should regularly monitor the updated information and comply with the rules.

Personal responsibility

All customers who use the gambling services of EKBET must ensure they do not violate the local laws of their country of residence. The EKBET portal is not responsible for violating local laws by players following the jurisdiction of their habitation.

Account registration: terms and conditions and tips

EKBET users must create a personal account. During the registration process, players must provide up-to-date and accurate information. 

Please note that each player can have only one active account on the EKBET page. The company does not allow placing bets from a page with duplicate information.

EKBET is a responsible company that works only with up-to-date personal data of its users. Therefore, the operator regularly checks the accuracy of the provided personal data. If we find out that the created account is fake and inauthentic, we will have to close such an account and confiscate the balance on the financial account.

If any information provided is no longer relevant, the client must give new data as soon as possible. Users of the EKBET platform are responsible for their financial accounts, bank cards, e-wallets, passwords, and other information presented.


The EKBET platform carefully treats the issue of confidentiality of its customers. That is why we carefully protect the personal information of all platform visitors from fraudulent manipulations. In addition, the company undertakes not to disclose the provided personal information and other personal data without the user’s permission.

Violation of the company’s rules

If users violate the platform’s terms and conditions, the company reserves the right to close access to the respective accounts and immediately freeze the current bonus games.

Resolving disputes

Suppose users have questions about the winnings’ fairness (for example, they believe the result is incorrect, want to report an incorrect payment, a website error, etc.). If customers are concerned about any technical problem or controversial issue, please contact our technical support team. You can reach the support team via the contact details listed on the EKBET website.

Deactivating private accounts

Suppose the created user accounts are not activated within the next six months (from the creation date). In that case, EKBET reserves the right to transfer these personal profiles to the list of inactive accounts and temporarily freeze their operation. 

Inactive accounts will be considered to be those without long-term authorization, replenishment of the deposit account, withdrawal of winnings or other money transfers, active bets in slot machines, and other related actions of the player.

Fixing errors

If users notice a bug in the platform’s system, please inform the support team immediately. EKBET will immediately fix these aspects. If this error brought users unjustified profit, customers should also contact technical support, and then these funds will be confiscated.

This online platform is safe and verified, and the official website offers the services of a high-quality gambling experience without any virus threats to your device. 

EKBET customers are solely responsible for the time spent on the gambling platform. The company has not yet defined specific legal restrictions on the operation of slot machine rules, following the legal conditions of each country. When the jurisdiction announces the violation of legal requirements, their access to EKBET services will be limited or terminated.